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A lot of people thought Alejandro González Iñárritu was a little bit crazy when he decided to shoot the Revenant, a film about a trapper who survives being left for dead after a bear attack. It wasn’t the story, it was the way he decided to shoot it. He wanted to use only natural light. He wanted to shoot it in chronological order. And most of all, he wanted to shoot it in a location that was as brutal and tough as the story itself.


The Canadian Rockies are world-renowned for its excellent ski slopes and terrain, and we are proud to work with a number of ski resorts in the heart of the region year-round as caretakers and location support. Not to mention playing on them as avid skiers and outdoor enthusiasts. With that in mind, here are some highlights of a handful of our favorite places.


Technically, it’s orange! When cutting, we use a spotter to look out for hazards, wildlife, or environmentally sensitive areas. Anything of note gets flagged with tape. Thanks to Presco, we now use biodegradable flagging tape — so if any gets missed, it won’t mean leaving plastics behind in our work areas. 

Looking for professional mulchers and crushers? Outlaw has partnered with SEPPI M. to offer products for professional agriculture, for landscape maintenance and for forestry.

The first in snow! For more than 30 years, Favero Lorenzo has been producing compact and reliable snow groomers and trailers designed for the transport of goods and persons on snow.