What we have

Brush & Cutting

Our Aebi TT270 is key to addressing the unique challenges of clearing vegetation in the Canadian Rockies. Its low center of gravity and ability to work on steep terrain up to 35 degrees is ideal for mowing, mulching, and cutting bush in difficult areas. It is designed to be multi-purpose with both four wheel and crab steering capabilities for precision work.

Snow Grooming

We’re able to move vast quantities of snow, sand and salt quickly and efficiently by pairing the Aebi TT270 with Pronovost attachments. Our experienced staff has augmented teams to groom ski slopes and clear roads as well as worked independently to prep and support remote locations for film shoots (Cold Pursuit, The Revenant) and military exercises (Maple Resolve 2018).

Ground Transport

You can depend on our drivers to get your equipment and supplies to their intended location safely and on time. We have a wide variety of trucks and trailers for your ground transportation needs and can handle everything from “hot shot” freight to large-scale supply fulfillment.

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