In the wilderness, accidents happen.
We know how to handle that.

We work in the wilderness. Our “office” is literally a place that humans weren’t meant to be, and that means we have to be prepared for when things go wrong. Our emergency medical resources go beyond standard training. We have some of the most rugged International certifications in wilderness, recreational, and occupational emergency care.


The foundations of our medical training are the Advanced Emergency Care Level 2 qualifications from the Australian Ski Patrol Association as well as the Occupational First Aid Level 3 certification from British Columbia. We also hold Advanced Adventure Medic/Canadian Wilderness First Responder certification to keep you safe when you’re far from civilization. Our staff undergoes continuous training to keep our Emergency Medical Responder certification current with best practices.


Michael Barrett’s career has included work as a land/marine search-and-rescue (SAR) coordinator. His Ice Rescue Technician certification for cold water and ice incidents is essential for working around rivers and lakes in the winter (for example, on The Revenant movie). He is also qualified in “HUET” – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training—covering emergency rescue scenarios such as exiting a ditched helicopter in the water. Finally, Michael’s experience with rigid hull inflatable boats nicely rounds out his amphibious operations skill set.

You want your people to be as safe as they can be in the rugged terrain and climate of the Canadian Rockies. Outlaw Contractors has the experience and training you need.

1st Aid Qualifications

  • Advanced Emergency Care (ASPA) Level 2—Australian Ski Patrol Association
  • OFA3—Occupational First Aid Level 3—British Columbia
  • Advanced Adventure Medic—Canada Wilderness First Responder
  • EMR qualification ongoing—Emergency Medical Responder

Rescue Qualifications

International Certifications

  • emergency care, with a focus on wilderness and recreational treatment and occupational care