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Location Support & Site Coordination

We get around.

Our regular area of operations goes from Lake Louise all the way down to Mount Norquay. And in that area, we've done it all. Clearing ski runs. Blowing snow off roads (and sometimes lakes!) Supporting the Canadian Armed Forces. Scouting remote film locations.

We’ve worked with major movie studios, small indie documentaries, marketing firms, and more. We live and work in the Canadian Rockies and we can provide scouting, support, and logistics coordination that fits your needs for this unique and challenging terrain.

Location Scouting

We’ve ridden these roads and flown these skies. Hire a team that’s intimately familiar with the area in every way to get a close-up and bird’s eye view. We have experienced back road drivers and helicopter pilots trained in remote landings and aerial photography. Let us be your guide to finding your aesthetic in the endless possibilities this land offers.

Location Support & Site Coordination

Your production is answerable to a variety of different demands on location. Access to housing, equipment storage, electricity, potable water, cooking facilities, medical treatment, parking, and many more. We can do all that and also be a resource for local laws and customs to ensure a smooth shoot.

Matching the scale of your production is crucial. We can be a local contact if your production has its own location manager or an on-location management team that can act as your ‘go-to’ experts.

We’ve familiar with the logistic needs of a wide range of productions, and we’ll be there for you. We do more than clearing—we can “dress” locations with additional snow (as we did for Cold Pursuit) or add ruggedness to a terrain.