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Outlaw Contractors is a team of highly qualified and skilled individuals with over 100 years of combined industry experience providing services and equipment in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Our group came together in 2014 with a combination of in-depth knowledge and qualifications to bring a unique point of view and practicality to any project we take on.

Clearing Land

Clearing land in the Canadian Rockies is not as simple as getting the mower and tractor out. We can deal with the wildly changing land and weather conditions to get your job done quickly and consistently. At Outlaw Contractors we have both the experience and the right equipment for your needs.

Machinery Distribution

Call us when you’re getting a new project off the ground or trying to keep an existing one going so that we can get what you need where you need it. Our staff has multiple licenses for air and ground transportation so that you have the right options available to get the machines and parts where they need to be safely and on-time. 

First Aid & Support

In the Canadian Rockies, you are hours and sometimes days away from the nearest hospital. Our team has years of emergency medical training for harsh weather environments, aerial medical transport, and search and rescue. Michael Barrett leads with international certifications in medical responder and rescue scenarios in the Canadian wilderness.

Location Support & Site Coordination

Do you need a raging river flanked with ice-covered rock outcroppings? Perhaps an abandoned military outpost? Maybe you need an isolated patch of railroad in a location that can be transformed into the American Frontier? We’ve helped film crews operate in all of the above locations and more

We have extensive experience and skill sets in the the following areas we can call on:

  • Police & EMS services and knowledge
  • Search and Rescue
  • Water Safety
  • Ski Hill Operations
  • Avalanche Safety
  • Aircraft and Helicopter Operations
  • Vehicles

Our experience in the Canadian Rockies region lets us help you take advantage of the beautiful and rugged scenery possibilities. When we find your perfect site we can support your whole team with services including water safety, first aid, and transportation. Working together we can make your film a total success from load-in to wrap.